What Does This 55 Year Old Retired Marine, Father Of 2, Christian Man Know About Fitness?......A Lot!

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Amazing Testimonials

"Following this plan, I was able to burn fat while putting on lean muscle mass"

"Even though I was in the gym regularly, I still wasn't achieving the types of gains I'd hoped for. At 26, I was becoming a little pudgier than I had ever been. Clark approached me with his 1Step Body system and this changed everything. Following this plan, I was able to burn fat while putting on lean muscle mass. My body fat is down 5%, and I've packed on 20 pounds of lean muscle! Thank you Clark for introducing me to the 1Step Body program!"

Tony Smith, 26 years old

Three months into the program and I have lost 30+ lbs and couldn't be happier!"

"YOU can do this!!! I tried everything under the sun and lost a little bit of weight but never kept it off, until now. 1Step Body is an incredible lifestyle change that worked for me and can work for you. Preparing my body to eat healthy wasn't easy but I did it. Knowing what to eat to enhance my body was always a challenge for me, now it isn't. I know what is best for my body, I know what to eat, when to eat it, and how to prepare it – honestly, that is the hardest part that most people face and that is why they don't stay committed. The 1Step Body program takes those obstacles out of your way so you can walk into this journey challenge free! I made the change, I made the commitment, and the lifestyle change of 1Step Body has made a change in me. Three months into the program and I have lost 30+ lbs and couldn't be happier!


"Even when things got tough those Monday morning calls of encouragement got me through."

I was of the thought that because of my age 56 I could never build muscle and lose weight. It all started when I had some shoulder pain so I went to the doctor and he sent me to the physical therapist. My first session with the therapist he showed me some things I needed to do to relieve my shoulder pain and to come back in 2 weeks.

I remember leaving that therapists office thinking ok great I'm falling apart.Then I came across Clark Bartram's program. I decided to try the program for a few reasons but most importantly it was for my basic fitness and health. Following Clark's program with its daily diet was great. Even when things got tough those Monday morning calls of encouragement got me through. Oh and my shoulder pain is gone, and I feel better now than I did in my twenties and in much better shape.

Joe Tesoro

"The level of accountability is priceless and unlike anything I've ever experienced in a program of this kind."

"My family has always been active, and to this day both my husband and I enjoy the luxury of being able to exercise and eat sensibly together. However, every once in a while, like many people, I tend to lose my way and get off track with my personal goals of living healthy as I age.When I was introduced to Clark and his program I proceeded with caution but hope that I would get the kick in the pants I needed and that is exactly what I got.

Clark's program works and the level of accountability is priceless and unlike anything I've ever experienced in a program of this kind.I'm happy to say, that with the help of this program and the loving support of my amazing husband and family I am now back on track and better than ever. Age is not a factor, but having the right support is. I highly suggest this to anyone at any age, fitness level or ability. Thanks Clark"

Jadeen Jarvis

"I needed some direction and more precisely, focus."

"Im known as the "smoothie king" in my house as I've always been a health conscious kind of guy. I take pride in being an example to my kids and grandkids but somehow recently I got off track and age started to creep up on me so I, along with my wife, decided to get back on track but I needed some direction and more precisly, focus.That's when my daughter introduced me to Clark's 1Step Body program. Here's my assessment... it works and he cares. Period. I found what I needed and now I'm back on track and thanks to 1Step Body I have even more ideas for smoothies!"

Steve Jarvis

Real People with Real Results

“Clark Bartram is a prime example of a physically, spiritually, and mentally fit individual”

Fitness Pioneer and Legend Jack Lalanne

A Calling To Help Others

Over the last 30 years Clark Bartram has invested his time, energy, and passion to the betterment of his fellow humans. He was recently honored by the National Fitness Hall of Fame for his dedication and service in helping men, women, and children in the areas of mind, body, and spirit.

“Clark Bartram is a prime example of a physically, spiritually, and mentally fit individual” said fitness pioneer and legend, Jack Lalanne.

The Humble Expert

130+ Magazine Covers, ISSA Master Trainer, United States Marine Rugby player, speaker, best selling author, television actor and movie star are just a few accolades that have been complied over Clark’s illustrious career.

Even with his impressive resume, Clark will say his greatest accomplishment is his marriage to Anita of over 30 years, and raising his two awesome children Taylor and Mitch.

Clark's client list is long and diverse. He has worked with the industries top performers, but his passion is helping the everyday novice reach their goals.

Clark truly feels this mission is his calling. He was created to help others succeed, and his commitment shows with everyone he works with.

A 1Step Body

1Step Body was created by Clark Bartram to end all the confusion and myth in the fitness industry.

“All of these plans are too complicated and too much of a commitment for most people. So I had to make something basic and simple that people could have success with. Giving them only what they need, when they need it, seemed to work for most of the people I work with. So I opened it up to anyone who wants to get started.”

The 4 Pillars that make up 1Step Body are what make this program so effective.

Serving Our Nation

Being a Marine has given Clark the discipline and leadership that have been key to becoming a successful coach in the fitness industry. Leading by example is the greatest lesson Clark learned as a young Marine. Leading by example is exactly how Clark approaches the people who he's fortunate enough to cross paths with.

Having a positive example is why so many have joined Clark over the last thirty years.

"I have a great passion to help others. I'm thankful for my time as a Marine for many reasons, but this coaching opportunity tops my list."

The 4 Pillars of 1Step Body


Meal prep takes time, research, and dedication for success. 1Step Body teaches you a fun, informative, and entertaining process so meal prep time is a breeze. Join Clark and a few special guests in his kitchen, and learn directly from the industry's leaders in health!


Getting into a fitness routine can be challenging. Finding the time, owning the equipment, and having the knowledge of what to actually do can be enough to stop people in their tracks. Clark has designed 1Step Body to break through these barriers. Clark gives you a simple and quick routine that can be done in the privacy of your own home with little to no equipment.


Even when all the plans are laid out, sometimes you need an extra push in the right direction. When you sign up for 1Step Body, you also get the full Clark Bartram mentorship experience. Build a real relationship, complete with tough love, with the industry's leading expert.


Getting started is one thing, maintaining momentum on a daily basis is another. After joining 1Step Body, you will gain direct access to Clark's growing online community. Let Clark himself motivate you into your new healthy self. Clark is the most active member in the group, join up and introduce yourself! Direct access to Clark at this program's purchase price won't last forever!

Begin Your 21 Day Challenge
Begin Your 21 Day Challenge